Product Care

Yay! You are now the owner of a Curated Creations statement piece. Here are some tips to keep your jewelry looking its best: 

  1. Each pair of Curated Creations earrings are carefully handpicked and stored in our signature box. Please store your jewelery in the original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid scratching.
  2. Please remove your jewelry before bed and before shower. Avoid letting jewelry come in contact with water, or body care products such as perfumes, lotions and powders as these may cause discolouration and affect the lifetime of the finishing and the brilliance of your statement piece.
  3. Our jewelry are delicate items that may tarnish over time. To keep your jewelry looking like new, gently rub your jewelry with a dry polishing cloth until shine is restored!
  4. Be cautious when using any jewelry cleaner. Read all directions carefully and make sure it is safe to use on your piece. Many cleaners should not be used on porous stones like opals and pearls.
Enjoy your new statement piece from Curated Creations!